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Haruhiko Nariyama
Haruhiko Nariyama
    High school students and educators from countries all around the world, high school students and educators from all parts of Japan, we at Ritsumeikan High School would like to welcome you wholeheartedly to JSSF 2015.
    Ritsumeikan High School celebrated its 110th anniversary this year. With our founding ideals of “freedom and innovation”, we place great importance on developing new ideas and values through free thought and not being bound to preconceived notions and conventional norms. After deep reflection upon our wartime experience in World War II, we committed ourselves to the core educational philosophy of “freedom and democracy”.
    The scientific and technological research that we pursue is one that contributes to the development of a peaceful and democratic society. In recent years, we are faced with many problems such as poverty, war, environmental issues, energy issues, and food supply, none of which can be solved without peace and international cooperation. I am certain that the power of the young scientists gathered here at JSSF 2015 will be the source of further scientific and technological development, and will bring about peace around the world and happiness for all mankind.
    Our school received again for the 4th time designation from the national government as a Super Science High School, and is ushering in its 14th consecutive year as a research school. We welcome this designation with great pleasure and a deep sense of responsibility. We believe this is recognition of the efforts towards internationalization of science education which we have built up together with you through endeavors such as JSSF. Let us deepen our friendships and learn together at this year’s JSSF.
    Finally, I would like to express my deep appreciation towards the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, local municipalities, the Board of Education, Ritsumeikan University, and the numerous corporations who are supporting this year’s JSSF.
    I hope this year’s JSSF bring many more new encounters and friendships.
Students Committee Representative,
Japan Super Science Fair 2015
Yu Tsuchiya
Yu Tsuchiya

    I truly appreciate everyone coming from all over the world to attend our Japan Super Science Fair 2015. With great anticipation, I have been looking forward to this gathering of students coming together to contribute their excellent research, enthusiasm and knowledge for science.
    I expect a very busy week for all participants. Each one of you will share your project at an oral session, then a poster session, these being main events in the fair. I hope for a lively presentation of collaborative scientific activities based on specific themes and inspiring lectures. Through the sharing of your ideas and having discussions with likeminded and understanding people from all around the globe, we surely hope to nurture the bond of friendship between participants. We believe that these are truly necessary from now on for the rapid accelerating globalizing society. There are many complex problems that we are now facing which cannot be easily solved by one alone but could be with cooperation, like we are fostering here. This means that the international cooperation and bonds that you will forge are significantly valuable to building a wonderful global society of the future. I personally think that the JSSF is a compilation and transit point for every single student. This is an amazing opportunity for students to present their hard work and to connect to future careers with what they get through JSSF.  I would like every single person to feel more alive, engaged and be better aware after JSSF. Afterwards, the memories created will remind us all of this valuable life experience.
    Finally, I want to acknowledge and gratefully thank all the people who have helped with the JSSF 2015. I am looking forward to spending a fantastic five days with all of you together.

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