Ritsumeikan High School
For your safety and general well-being, we strongly encourage that all principals, teachers and student participants purchase their own insurance for the duration of their stay in Japan.
During the JSSF, student and teacher guests will be staying at EPOCH Ritsumei 21, International House (accommodations at Ritsumeikan University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus [BKC]). Transportation from BKC to Nagaokakyo Campus (NKC), the venue for JSSF, takes approximately 30 minutes by bus. Most of the participants will be accommodated at EPOCH Ritsumei 21, while some schools will be staying at International House. Your accommodation will be allocated based on group size and flight schedule. Principals will be accommodated at the OIC Seminar House (accommodations at Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus [OIC]).
Students will stay in rooms with between four to eight bunk beds or in Japanese style rooms with futons. All bedding will be provided. There are communal showers/toilets. Please bring your own towels. There are communal spaces in each of the facilities, where there are also vending machines with food and/or drinks.
There are 2-person teacher rooms at EPOCH, but we may have to consider having some teachers share student rooms or Japanese-style tatami rooms with another teacher. At International House, we are planning to provide single rooms, but it may be necessary to ask some teachers to share a 4 person room with other teachers, at about 2 per room. At EPOCH, we will provide you with towels, but there is no such service at International House. We will prepare towels for the teachers, but we will not be able to provide fresh towels every day.There may be some disparities in the accommodations, but we ask your understanding and cooperation. Towels will be provided for teachers.
This year, accommodation will not be at a hotel, but we are planning to have you stay at the new campus which was just built in April of this year. The rooms will be singles with private bathrooms and equipped with towels and other amenities.
There are free washing machines and dryers at EPOCH. International House has coin-operated machines. Detergent can be purchased at the campus shop.
There are public telephones at BKC, but they are not equipped to make international calls, so we recommend students contact home via email or other media.
There is one convenience store at BKC and several cafeterias for student use. The nearest shop off site is a 20 minute walk.
To travel to Kyoto you need to take a 15 minute bus ride to the nearest train station (Minami Kusatsu, 230yen) followed by a 20 minute train ride to Kyoto (320yen).
Internet Connection/Electricity
Usernames and passwords will be issued for use on the computers at Ritsumeikan High School. If you bring a PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. you can use the password to connect to the internet through the wireless network. In order that you may access the wireless network at BKC or OIC, we will issue a separate ID. The network at International House does not require individual IDs to connect.
Participants should have their own transformers for personal electrical appliances. Japanese voltage is 100 volts. You will need to bring your own electric adapter suitable for use in Japan (two pin).
Weather conditions
Early November is a good time to visit Kyoto as the climate is fairly settled (not too hot or too cold). However, this year is expected to have slightly colder temperatures than normal, with average highs between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, and the average lows between 7 to 10 degrees Celsius.Although the average rainfall for this time is quite low it is recommended that students are prepared for rain, either with a light coat or umbrella.
All transport and food will be provided (Except for Day 4’s Kyoto dinner and shopping free time period). Exchange facilities are available in central Kyoto, but due to the tight schedule it will be difficult to access these facilities during your trip. This is also true of credit cards, which can’t be used as freely in Japan as they can elsewhere. We therefore advise all participants to exchange money in their home countries or at Kansai airport as soon as they arrive.
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