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Industrial Tour
Participants will have a choice of 5 courses, and will visit different companies around Kyoto. In addition to a tour of the company, the participants will also be able to hear from actual researchers.
I-1 KYOCERA Corporation
This company was first founded as "Kyoto Ceramic Corporation" which dealt with fine ceramics in Kyoto. It has produced not only semiconductor parts and fine ceramics, but also communications equipment, printing machines and solar electronic systems. We will visit its home office in Kyoto and have an opportunity to listen to a presentation from researchers about the latest in technological development and the satisfaction and enjoyment gained from doing research, as well as a tour of a fine ceramics museum and gallery.
Nippon Shinyaku was established in 1919 in Kyoto. Through research and development in the fields of pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products, Nippon Shinyaku aims to help people live longer, more fruitful and more energetic lives. As a pharmaceutical company, Nippon Shinyaku focuses its product development on meeting unmet needs. Looking at rare and difficult diseases where there is still no definitive treatment, we aim to create pharmaceuticals that will contribute to better lives and a happier society. On your visit, our researches will give lectures about discovery of new drugs. We can also show you some of our Research Laboratories.
I-3 Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.
The company’s name, Nissha Printing, may conjure up an image of a company that prints publications such as books. However its business is not only confined to that.
Nissha’s “Touch panels” lead the way in touch input technology today, our “Surface decoration” technology can change the looks from plastic to wood, our “Hydrogen detectors” has adopted in fuel cell vehicle and we develop DDS (Drug Delivery System). We progress technologies since we started business in 1929. We maximize our capabilities driven by our technology, passion, and leadership to create value for the future.
We would like to have an opportunity to think about the future technology and business with you on the day of the study tour.
I-4 ROHM Co., Ltd.
Rohm began as a small resistor manufacturer in 1958. Since then we have been expanding our business in various electronics fields and developed LSI and Discrete Device products which are indispensible for all the electronics in our daily lives.
“Quality is our top priority at all times,” is our corporate mantra. Through this core value we have provided high quality products to our customers all over the world through a global development and sales network.
During the factory tour, you will see one of our state-of-the-art semiconductor production lines. You will also be able to see some of our cutting-edge products that we are developing for the near future. Some of these include the “Silicon Carbide Power Devices” that are able to operate at high voltages and temperatures, and our “CIGS Image Sensor,” which is sensitive to wavelengths invisible to conventional imaging devices. We hope you will enjoy these and many other products created by Rohm’s R&D Department.
I-5 SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.
SCREEN was founded in Kyoto in 1943. Since then we have been conducting operations under our founder’s credo of “Shi Kou Ten Kai” for more than 70 years. Our roots go back further to our predecessor, “Ishida Kyokuzan Printing Works” founded in 1868. Growing through the era of copperplate and lithographic printing, it became the first company in Japan to produce glass screens for photographic reproduction which enabled photographic printing. Thereafter, the glass screen division of the company became independent and SCREEN was born.
Since then we have grown to one of the best manufacturer of graphic arts equipment in the world. Applying “photolithographic technologies”, our core technologies to various areas, we have expanded our business into electronic devices, and then into manufacturing equipment of semiconductors and LCDs, and other important areas within the electronics industry. As one of the world’s top equipment manufacturers in every field of our business, we still continue striving to evolve and grow.
On your visit, you will see our latest models of printing-related equipment, and you will have a talk with our engineers working on-site.
I-6 Suntory Holdings Limited
Suntory was established in 1899, starting from the production and sale of wine.
Since then we have grown as an alcoholic beverage and food company, creating Japan’s first authentic whisky, challenging to compete in innovative beer industry, and delivering a wide variety of products to customers worldwide.
Our operations have branched out into regions such as Asia, Australia, Americas and Europe, and now, with Beam Inc. joining us, we are expanding our global spirits business even further. We engage in high quality winemaking both in Japan and Europe, and also work with noted wineries around the world, developing business from a global perspective.
The Kyoto brewery you visit this time, you can see the process which brews beer. Here in The Kyoto brewery, we introduce not only our sincere attitude toward beer production, but also the harmonization with the local environment, and our efforts toward environmental protection.
I-7 Yushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1973 in Kyoto, Japan, Yushin Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. (YPE) is an industrial automation manufacturer specializing in take-out robots for plastic injection molding machines. We have built a reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective leading innovative technologies to our customers. A focus on raising robot operational speeds (we hold the 0.27-second take-out time record) enables customers to take productivity to higher levels, while features such as user-friendly control interfaces ease the robot operator’s job - one embodiment of our ‘Heartful Technology’. A collaboration with Kyoto University to apply design optimization methods to our products resulted in significant decreases in robot weight, allowing higher operational speeds or lower energy consumption, while advancing our drive to improve product eco-friendliness. In addition to the home market, our products are in demand in diverse world regions, including East, South and South-East Asia, Europe and North America. Enjoy the tour of our facilities for robot production and semi-conductor related equipment assembly.
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