Ritsumeikan High School
Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School
Haruhiko Nariyama
Haruhiko Nariyama

     I would like to extend our welcome to you, students, teachers, and staff from countries all over world and from regions all over Japan to participate in Japan Super Science Fair 2016.
     The power of science can bring great change to the future. Science and technology can contribute to the development of a peaceful and democratic society. These days, environmental issues, energy issues, food supply issues, wars, and conflicts are all problems which require international cooperation. It is my sincere desire that the high school students gathered here at this JSSF will find a sense of responsibility for mankind, trustworthy friends, and big dreams for the future. Afterwards, I expect that everyone will play an active role towards world peace and human happiness.
     In recent years, collaborative research between high school students from different countries has attracted great interest. I believe these kinds of efforts develop the skills necessary for youth in the future. In this year’s JSSF, we are encouraging collaborative research through providing a special category for these types of presentations. I also hope that here at JSSF2016, new connections will be made and result in even more collaborative research in the following years. I truly believe that the network developed here will prove to be the driving force for making a better society in the future.
     Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, as well as the local municipalities, the board of education, the universities, and the corporations which have graciously supported the organizing of this year’s JSSF.

Students Committee Representative,
Japan Super Science Fair 2016
Konomi Todaa
Konomi Toda

     We warmly welcome all of you who are participating in JSSF2016. I hope this fair will be a place where everyone can deepen their research, knowledge, and friendship through interaction with people gathering from all over the world.
     This is the 14th JSSF so far. We have three aims that will help us to make this the best JSSF ever. Firstly, we want all the participants to be positively involved in activities and discussion. We hope every participant will enjoy exciting discussions about science with your new friends. Secondly, we would like all the participants to learn a lot about Japanese culture. Japan has a very distinct culture, and we hope participants will feel the tip of this great culture. Thirdly, we want all the participants to be connected with their new friends even after JSSF. Friends you meet at JSSF are people who can contribute to the world’s future. We sincerely hope to create life-long friendships that go over country borders and try to make an effort to create a more peaceful world together.
     I have participated in many fairs in my high school life and now I have precious experiences and friends. For this fair, I would like to make the most of the experiences that are available and cooperate with all the student committee members to make this the best JSSF.
     Lastly, thank you very much to all the people who help to make JSSF2016.I hope to make this an unforgettable JSSF with every single person. We warmly welcome all the participants to this year's JSSF.

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