Ritsumeikan High School
Science Project Presentation
Individual participants and groups will present their scientific research at several different venues on Day 1 and Day 2. Presenters will talk about their own papers or reports. Each school is, in principle, allotted one presentation slot, however, in the case of internationally collaborative research, they will be allowed one extra slot. Every year there are many interesting and enlightening presentations by high school students. After their presentations, there will be many opinions exchanged with other high school students and teachers specializing in those fields, and it is sure to be a fruitful experience for everyone. We expect the presentations will be creative and unique. Each school will give presentations for a period of 15 minutes each followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Presentation equipment – for example, computers (Windows) or projectors – will be provided by the host school. If you have any other special needs for your presentation, please let us know. Please ensure all presentations are delivered completely in English. The schedule indicating the order of presentations and the presentation rooms will be distributed after your arrival.
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