This will be our 17th year holding a science fair which allows high school students from all over the world who are aiming to become scientists and engineers the opportunity for scientific exchange. As the globalization of society rapidly continues, international collaboration is becoming more and more important. At Ritsumeikan's 17th annual Science Fair, it is our desire that you get 1) a strong sense of mission to make active contributions to the world, 2) a valuable network of cooperation across countries, and 3) a big dream to be active for the future. We hope to support the gifted students gathered here the opportunity to spread their wings and fly high into the future.

The History of the Science Fair at Ritsumeikan

2003 The Fair begins with just 3 participating schools, with us welcoming a school from Australia.
As a part of the national Super Science High School program which started in 2002, the fair took place under the name of "Rits Super Science Fair".
2005 The fair marks Ritsumeikan High School's 100th anniversary.
With an increase in scale, the fair becomes a major event at Ritsumeikan High School.
2008 The 4th ISSF (International Students Science Fair) is held at Ritsumeikan High School.
The size of the fair increases with the hosting of the ISSF in concurrence with the 6th Science Fair.
2011 The Science Fair was held as the Japan Super Science Fair.
The fair is renamed JSSF (Japan Super Science Fair).

We hope that the JSSF will continue to make great developments in the future and be able to contribute to science education around the world.