Welcome to Rits Super Global Forum 2021! 


 Hello everyone. We are delighted to host the 8th Rits Super Global Forum. We will have this whole program online again, as we successfully did last year. 


 The global epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has significantly disrupted society domestically and internationally since the beginning of 2020. Our lives and various research activities have also been greatly affected. The COVID-19 disaster has imposed severe restrictions on our behaviors, such as face-to-face discussions across borders, indispensable for academic activities. However, we can overcome these difficulties with everyone's cooperation through online programs such as the Rits Super Global Forum 2021. Using experiences gained last year at the 2020 online forum, we hope to provide another online venue where participants can have profound and open discussions and exchanges. 


RSGF is a place for students worldwide to seek out future-oriented solutions by working together on various intensive cross-cultural activities. Sharing multiple perspectives through collaborative activities such as these is necessary to find solutions to the problems facing our world today. By doing this, we challenge ourselves to listen and understand with an open heart and open mind. Remember that all individual opinions shared at RSGF 2021 should be respected and paid attention to equally. In addition, I would like to emphasize that RSGF is one of the safest places in the world for you to express yourself and share your unique views. It is my sincerest hope that all the participants will build long-lasting friendships founded on mutual trust and respect as an invaluable takeaway from taking part in our event. 


 In closing, the pandemic has revealed the need to reach beyond national borders and strengthen our regional integration. I hope that RSGF serves all the students and teachers as a platform to freely create valuable networks beyond national borders, which will become even more valuable in their futures when they play a significant role as the next generation of global leaders.


It is my pleasure to welcome everyone from all over the world to RSGF. My name is Aika Kawabata, and I am the Students Committee Representative of RSGF2021. I am so excited to have you all here to participate in our RSGF, organized by Ritsumeikan students. We couldn’t have pulled off RSGF without the hard work and dedication of all teachers and students, who worked tirelessly from day 1 to make RSGF a reality. I hope that discussions inspire your ideas around the ways that we can make our planet a better thing. 


Discussion with students from all over the world who you have never seen or you barely know would be such a great experience, and I want everyone to give it their best shot to take great pleasure in learning. RSGF also must be a good opportunity to make friends, communicate with people from other countries, and practice English. I further believe that for students to do well academically, they should have confidence in themselves and their learning. This confidence comes when a student is confident in his or her inclinations. As you study, you will find yourself uncertain and ambiguous about the subject. Discussing the topic with others can help you resolve any ambiguity you may have about it. Supporting and evaluating what others have to say in a group discussion can help you set up a meeting for your learning. Similarly, different opinions can help you revise your learning. Apart from confidence in one's learning. It also helps in building one's confidence as a person to prove that one's stance is correct. I just don’t want everyone to miss these benefits. 


This year’s RSGF is quite different than ever. The theme of this year is “Designing a Sustainable Future, creating a virtual country as a model for possible future action.” “Sustainability”, is the word which we think is the most important thing for our society at present. Considering the situation that we have at present; we cannot afford any other crisis like the coronavirus pandemic. To have “Sustainability” in our society, the first thing to do is imagining and discussing a sustainable city with students from all over the world. So that on this RSGF, we can step forward towards the same aim, “Sustainability” to keep our good fortune. 


So, why don’t we start stepping forward with our greatest friends, and study ourselves to make the world better?

Partisipating Schools

Keynote Lecture

Lecture Title: 

Messages towards You All who will Lead the Future Generations 



Since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, many institutions and citizens have started incorporating them into practice. However, various problems are unsolved, and people around the world, including you, are seeking to overcome them. In this lecture, we will understand the fundamental ideas and backgrounds of the SDGs, followed by explaining some essential ways we can utilize when combatting global issues. 


Born in 1967 in Fukuoka, Japan. Learned nuclear engineering and macro-economics at Tokyo University before joining the Japanese Foreign Service in 1992. Worked on global issues including UN peacekeeping, human rights and humanitarian frameworks, African development, Japan’s financial contributions to international organizations. As First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN (New York), served as personal assistant for Mdm. Sadako Ogata when she led the Commission on Human Security as one of the two co-chairs with Professor Amartya Sen. Resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2005 and became Chief, Human Security Unit, OCHA, the United Nations, to lead mainstreaming the concept of human security in the UN system and more broadly. The first Secretary-General’s Report on human security in 2010 was issued under his leadership. Between 2010 and 2013, served as Acting Director, UN Information Center in Pakistan, to support flood- and conflict-affected populations. Engaged also in the major media strategy to eradicate Polio in the war-affected regions in the country. Moved on to the private sector in June 2014, assuming the office of Director, Global Management Institute, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (DTC), Japan, to support Japanese corporations to advance into emerging markets. In May 2016, became the first Director for CSR and SDGs Initiatives of DTC, to support corporations to embed SDGs and other global goals, targets and principles in their core business operations. In September 2017, left Deloitte to establish SDG Partners Inc., to further pursue sustainability in the Japanese Business.

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