Ritsumeikan Senior High School
A History of the RSGF
As a Super Global High School designated by MEXT in 2014. Ritsumeikan High School set the goal as "Research and development of an education system aiming at fostering human resources to achieve a peaceful society". We have developed its theme for the project based learning as "The Eradication of Poverty" and "Disaster Prevention and Mitigation." Bearing a strong sense of duty to humanity, we recognize that in order to reach these goals, our students must develop problem solving ability, keen judgment, presentation skills, and the ability to successfully tackle problems in previously unknown areas, and we have been carrying out our educational activities accordingly. At RSGF (Rits Super Global Forum), we have invited students from around the world to join in cooperation with our Ritsumeikan students to discuss, share opinions, and develop practical methods of solving several global issues, through which efforts they will gain a deep understanding of the gravity of the global situation.

  1. That students, by aiming to realize a peaceful society, as they share experiences and discuss global issues, particularly poverty and disaster management, realize the importance of meeting and solving problems.
  2. That by the experience of cooperating with their peers, students will broaden their views and develop the attitude to face challenges with courage.
  3. That the participating high school students, by deepening the friendships made through this RSGF, will take steps toward becoming global leaders, acquiring vital skills such as leadership with followership.
We host this weeklong international RSGF forum to tackle a set of issues in the realm of the social sciences together with high school students from abroad. Among schools in Japan, this RSGF is a rare opportunity, providing a step towards the future of this school, and is an event that indicates great potential in the field of education.
1st RSGF 2014
Discussion Theme
Overseas Schools   :   4 schools   from 3 countries
Japanese Schools   :   1 school
  1. The condition and causes of poverty in poor regions of the world
  2. The challenges and nature of effective volunteer activities in poor regions
  3. The relationship between global warming and natural disasters
  4. Recovery from natural disasters, and the challenges the processes present
  5. What is necessary to realize world peace?
2nd RSGF 2015
Discussion Theme
Overseas Schools   :   8 schools   from 6 countries
Japanese Schools   :   1 school
For the Construction of World Peace
In order to think about "the construction of world peace," we have set five topics about current global problems which prevent the realization of peace. Please focus on one topic:
  1. (Refugee) Immigration
    What should we do towards the resolution of (refugee) immigration issues which have resulted from conflicts that have caused the instability of countries?
  2. Child Labor
    What needs to be done to resolve the problem of child labor, which in turn is related to the vicious cycle of poverty?
  3. Food Security
    How should we assist countries in which people are suffering from hunger and resolve problems related to food security?
  4. Gender
    How should we resolve problems related to gender inequality, especially on the education and status of women?
  5. Natural Resources
    How can we resolve issues related to resource nationalization, especially conflicts over natural resources?
3rd RSGF 2016
Discussion Theme
Overseas Schools   :   10 schools     from 8 countries
Japanese Schools   :   1 school
What Is the World We Want to Create for the Future?
- Sustainable Approaches to Solving the Problems of Poverty -
Five Approaches
  1. Political Approach
  2. Economic Approach
  3. Educational Approach
  4. Health and Safety Approach
  5. Social Approach
4th RSGF 2017
Discussion Theme
Overseas Schools   :   11 schools     from 9 countries
Japanese Schools   :   3 schools
Education for Children
- What education is needed for vulnerable children in the world? -
Five Topics
  1. Child labor
  2. Gender inequality
  3. Physical Access to School
  4. Disasters
  5. Refugees (living in refugee camps)
5th RSGF 2018
Discussion Theme
Overseas Schools   :   12 schools     from 9 countries
Japanese Schools   :   3 schools
What Can We Do to Realize a Sustainable World?
- Approaches to solving problems related to food security -
Five Topics
  1. Producers (farmers, fishers, people who produce products, etc.) [ related to SDGs #1,2,12,13,14,15 ]
  2. Consumers (people who buy and consume food) [ related to SDGs #1,2,3,10,12 ]
  3. Companies (people who process, sell or transport products) [ related to SDGs #1,2,3,10,12,17 ]
  4. Governments (people who make laws / policies locally, regionally and nationally) [ related to SDGs #1,2,3,10,16,17 ]
  5. NGOs / NPOs / Volunteers (people who work in the non-profit sector) [ related to SDGs #1,2,3,10,12,17 ]
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