Ritsumeikan Senior High School
Nov. 12 You can get last Newsletter Vol.06. Click here. (Global Citizen Vol,6 )
Nov. 16 Forum declared closed, but it's not over!
Nov. 13 Today we will go to Yao City, Osaka as fieldwork trip.
Nov. 12 The RSGF opened at last! Poseter Presentation's have started. Please look at the page of album.
Nov. 12 You can get Newsletter Vol.01. Click here. (Global Citizen Vol,1 )
Nov. 17 "Newsletter" Up Date.
Nov. 16 "Newsletter", "Album" Up Date.
Nov. 15 "Newsletter", "Album", "Presentations & Plenary Session" Up Date.
Nov. 14 "Newsletter", "Album" Up Date.
Nov. 13 "Newsletter", "Album", "One Day Field Trip", "Keynote Lecture" Up Date.
Nov. 12 "Newsletter", "Album" Up Date.
Nov. 2 "Itinerary", "One Day Field Trip", "Poster Presentations", "Presentations and Plenarry Session" Up Date.
Oct. 30 "Itinerary", "One Day Field Trip" Up Date.
Oct. 26 "Itinerary", "Poster Presentations" Up Date.
Oct. 25 "Access Map", "Greetings" Up Date.
Oct. 24 "Itinerary" Up Date.
Oct. 10 "Itinerary, Presentations & Plenary Session" Up Date.
Oct. 8 RSGF2019 Website Open.
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