WELCOME to Rits Super Science Fair 2006

RitsSSF2006   November 1st to 7th
held by
Ritsumeikan Junior & Senior High School
Nishideyama-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ward, Kyoto, 612-0884 JAPAN

RitsSSF2006 was successfully closed on Nov. 5th.
Thank you for your participation and cooperation.


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Nov. 05

  Poster session & Closing Ceremony were held.   BBQ party.

Nov. 04

  Photo Album No.1  No.2  No.3  No.4 were uploaded

Nov. 03

  SSF started.   Photo Album No.1  No.2  No.3 were uploaded

Nov. 02

  Overseas Participants visited Ritsumeikan HS  Click here (In Japanese)

Nov. 01

  Overseas Participants arrived safe and sound.

Oct. 30

  Detail Schedule; Discussion Session & Special Lecture were uploaded

Oct. 29

  Detail Schedule; Oral Presentation & Poster Session were uploaded

Oct. 29

  Detail Schedule; industrial tour was uploaded

Oct. 27

  Welcome Message from Student Rep. is uploaded

Oct. 26

  Detail Schedule; School visit & City tour were uploaded

Oct. 26

  Fair Activity & Schedule were uploaded  Click here

Oct. 23

  Project pages are opened.

Oct. 18

  Host Family Meeting was held. 

Oct. 01

  Participant Schools were fixed.


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